Academic institutions

Many South African schools and universities have implemented the Green Monday program, including the University of Cape Town, Somerset College, University of Witwatersrand, and Nelson Mandela University. These plant-based recipes are not only delicious and healthy, but they’ve also been tested for student approval. So yes, kids love them!

Food Service

Here are some simple, mouthwatering recipes that are so tasty no one will know they’re good for our bodies and are made with ingredients that are better for our environment!


HSI/Africa continuously works with local chefs, dietitians, and food service providers to create and maintain a library of Green Monday recipes. Recipes were developed specifically for institutional and corporate use, featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes and local alternatives that are widely available. If there is a particular dish that is culturally important or very popular at your organization, HSI/Africa is able to work with our culinary partners to create a healthier, plant-based alternative.


Want to implement a Green Monday program but not sure where to start? HSI/Africa has Green Monday toolkits to assist with the implementation of your institutional program from start to finish. These provide information about our program, the benefits of plant-based eating, program strategies, solutions to common challenges, and an action plan with templates for specific institutional settings.

Plant based products

There are many plant-based alternatives available to vegify your favourite foods. Most alternatives are less expensive than their meat, dairy and egg equivalents. If you are looking for something specific, we are happy to help you find the plant-based products you need.


Promotional material

HSI/Africa can help you promote the Green Monday program in your organization. Internal marketing materials such as printable posters, explainers, and table-talkers with key messages were designed to promote the program. HSI/Africa has also developed website content and social media materials available to promote your Green Monday program online including: photos, digital memes, key messages on nutrition, cooking tips, infographics and quotes from ambassadors. Contact us to receive the materials FREE of charge. We are also happy to help you customize materials to suit your specific outreach campaign.

*Feel free to use the HSI, Africa and Green Monday logos on your press releases, websites and blogs, social media platforms and marketing material.


For weekly inspiration and to keep abreast of the latest industry news, subscribe to our weekly Green Monday newsletter. HSI, Africa is also happy to help you with ideas to compile your own organizational newsletters to promote the program.

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